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Not too long ago I got on a Certification Kick [1]; the certifications that I became interested in acheiving were within the field of IT Security which is where the underlaying mindset was when I wrote my last post on Creating a Strong Password [2]. To start my IT Security certification track I decided to first take my CompTIA Security+ exam since CompTIA is vendor neutral and a great first step; additionally, passing is a great confidence booster. I would like to report that I passed the CompTIA Security+ exam, and will be continuing my certification kick with either the Certified Penetration Testing Specialist and the CISSP. However, I wanted to inform people of what I found most helpful when taking the CompTIA Security+ exam.

Highly Recommended Study Material for the CompTIA Security+

To study for the CompTIA Security+ exam I ended up using CBT Nuggets [3], SelfTest Software [4], Pass4Sure [5], and Microsoft Press Security+ [6] Book; of those four, the only thing that ended up being close to useless was the SelfTest Software [4]: not to say that SelfTest [4] is bad, because they are great for studying for the Microsoft Exams. However, for the CompTIA Security+ using the Pass4Sure [5] test engine is much more effective.

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